NRSC - Disingenuous Shaheen, Democrat Senate Candidate's Cover Up Scheme

WASHINGTON , D.C. -- Failed former Governor and Democrat Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen is back to her old tricks. Today, Shaheen is attempting to mislead voters about her record on taxes by blaming Washington for the current state of New Hampshire's economy.

In an op-ed in today's New Hampshire Union Leader , Shaheen argues that it's the failed policies of Washington that are the underlying reason why "... New Hampshire families fell further and further behind...". ( New Hampshire Union Leader , 4/2/08)

Shaheen continues by noting, "We need new leadership in Washington to take our country in a new direction. In the U.S. Senate, I'll fight to restore the middle class and make the economy work for New Hampshire families again...". ( New Hampshire Union Leader , 4/2/08)

Oh really?

So Shaheen's tax increases have nothing to do with what she calls "the crisis facing middle-class families" that "has been years in the making"? ( New Hampshire Union Leader , 4/2/08)

As for Washington and the tax cuts Shaheen's op-ed calls "failed economic policies of the Bush administration" -- Shaheen herself supported them in 2002. The Hartford Courant even reported, "In New Hampshire, Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, locked in a tight race with Rep. John E. Sununu, praised the Bush tax cuts." ( Hartford Courant , 11/8/02)

Is the new direction Shaheen wants to take the country in similar to the direction she took New Hampshire in? In 1999, Shaheen signed a statewide property tax -- the FIRST STATEWIDE TAX in New Hampshire.

  • Shaheen also proposed a cigarette tax increase.
  • The same year, Shaheen proposed a 4.5 percent capital gains tax.
  • In 2001, Shaheen proposed a 2.5 percent sales tax.
  • And, in 2000, Shaheen vetoed a repeal of the inheritance tax in New Hampshire, which has the nation's third highest inheritance tax.

"Today's op-ed is nothing more than a smokescreen Jeanne Shaheen is trying to erect in an effort to cover up her true record," NRSC Communications Director Rebecca Fisher said. "Jeanne Shaheen is being utterly disingenuous in a failing attempt to play politics with issues that matter to New Hampshire voters."

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