Sen. Gregg, Mayor Guinta and Law Enforcement Leaders to Discuss Streetsweeper Funding

MANCHESTER (April 2, 2008) – U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg; Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta, and members of federal, state and local law enforcement will hold a press conference regarding the return of Operation Streetsweeper funds to the state. The press conference will be held at 11:30 a.m., on Friday, April 4 , 2008, at the Michael Briggs Police Athletic League complex, 409 Beech St., Manchester. Sen. Gregg, Mayor Guinta, N.H. Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and Manchester Police Chief John Jaskolka will be speaking on the effect that the return of Streetsweeper funds will have on the city and the state.

Also invited are U.S. Attorney Thomas Colantuono; Department of Safety director John Barthelmes; State Police Chief Col. Fred Booth; Hillsborough County Attorney Marguerite Wageling; Hillsborough County Sherriff James Hardy; Manchester Health Department director Tim Soucy; and Manchester Police Deputy Chiefs Glenn Leidermer, Marc Lussier, and Gary Simmons and have been asked to join the speakers at the podium. In addition, the Board of Aldermen; members of the Manchester Police Department; members of the Weed and Seed program; neighborhood watch groups and the public have been invited.

“Everyone at this event understands that public safety is of paramount importance to our quality-of-life, and this can only be achieved though a healthy relationship between stakeholders,” Mayor Guinta said. “Government at all levels, as well as the social service agencies, the business community and the public all have a role to play in making sure that our safety mechanism works properly. Operation Streetsweeper plays a major part in our efforts to reduce crime in Manchester, in New Hampshire and throughout the region, and I thank Sen. Gregg for working with us to bring these funds back.”

According to Sen. Gregg, “law enforcement officials in Manchester, and other cities and towns across our state, work hard to make sure our communities are safe places to live, work and raise a family. The Streetsweeper program is designed to ensure that local and state law enforcement have the resources they need to fight against criminal drug activity and gang violence.”

Gregg continued by saying, “The successful track record of the program speaks for itself – drugs continue to stay out of our schools and neighborhoods, and criminals remain off our streets. The presence of the Streesweeper program serve as a big ‘Not Welcome’ sign in our state to gang members and drug dealers. I look forward to speaking with Mayor Guinta and members of the New Hampshire law enforcement community as we work together to make sure New Hampshire remains the most livable state in the nation.”

After the press conference, there will be an opportunity for the press to ask speakers and those behind the podium questions regarding Operation Streetsweeper and other aspects of public safety.