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April 3, 2008 Check out the latest blogs posts, articles, and Op-Eds from the public policy experts at the Competitive Enterprise Institute:

Mortgage Bailout: ‘Bad Idea’ That Could Delay Economic Recovery
by Hans Bader
The Senate is poised to pass a foolish mortgage bailout for certain borrowers.

Bowing to the Multicultural Idol
by Hans Bader
Maryland legislators are inflicting a moronic new “diversity” mandate on Maryland colleges.

Benito came to me in a dream last night
by Ivan Osorio
Examples of interesting politics rebut the criticism of America’s dull (by world standards) political scene. Kenya, Sudan, Lebanon: You can’t call their politics dull! Still, it’s refreshing to see interesting politics of the good kind: a spectacle in which the politicians act like buffoons, with the result that any person with common sense would be embarrassed to show deference to them. Which brings me to Italy.

No Dice
By Eli Lehrer & Michelle Minton Anybody who has spent time in Washington knows that Congress often passes bad laws. But even the most widely derided laws—think of 2003’s Medicare drug benefit—end up doing roughly what their authors set out to do. The misbegotten 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), however, won’t even get that far. It will fail at its intended purpose of ending most Internet gambling while simultaneously creating enormous headaches for banking institutions and account holders. It’s a bad, bad law. http://www.spectator.org/dsp_article.asp?art_id=12944

The Disconnect
by Julie Walsh Our Congress is considering a bill that would cost each American around $1,375 per year by 2030 and cause a gas price increase of 53 cents per gallon, according to the EPA , to supposedly alleviate global warming. If Congress believes that only $600 per taxpayer of “stimulus” can keep us out of a recession, wouldn’t a $1,375 cost per individual send us into one? http://www.globalwarming.org/node/1944

Left-Wing Congressman Sought to Help Terrorists Undermine American Ally
by Hans Bader In order to isolate Colombia’s pro-American, democratically-elected government, Massachusetts Congressman James McGovern sent what commentators have likened to ”love letters” to a bloodthirsty Colombian terrorist group, FARC , that smuggles drugs and espouses a Marxist ideology. http://www.openmarket.org/2008/03/25/left-wing-congressman-sought-to-help-terrorists-undermine-american-ally/

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