State Representative cites the need for new leadership to control spending, fix roads and bridges, and reform government.

Nashua, NH- State Representative Stephen Stepanek (Hillsborough 6, Amherst and Milford) today, officially announced his candidacy for the Executive Council, District 5 seat.  Stepanek was joined by his family, friends, and supporters at events held across the district in Nashua and Keene.

“The New Hampshire values of less government and lower taxes are evaporating before our eyes, and partisan politics dominates everyday in Concord,” said Stepanek. “It will take wholesale change and leadership to get control of government spending and I will lead that effort as your Executive Councilor.”

Now serving in his third term as a republican state representative and member of the House Finance Committee, Stepanek cited the Governor’s recent announcement of a Fifty Million Dollar deficit as proof that the state must practice frugality in solving many of it’s financial problems.

“It will take leadership to guide New Hampshire through these perilous times,” Stepanek stated. “You deserve a leader who will stand up for you, the taxpayer, a leader who will fight against higher tolls and band-aid fixes to our roads and bridges.”

Stepanek also outlined the need for increased scrutiny by the council on taxpayer funded state contracts and on the governor’s appointees, stressing his experience leading successful small businesses here in New Hampshire.

“The job of an Executive Councilor is to ensure that the people who are making the decisions at the highest levels of government are qualified to do so, and to make certain that state contracts that exceed $5,000.00 are written to benefit the people of this state and not the interests that compete for them. I know that I have the ability, and the fiscal experience to make the tough decisions that will need be made.”

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