Clegg Campaign - Bob Clegg Comments on Paul Hodes Response to Gen Petreaus

“While General Petreaus spoke to the Senate, with the world watching, Paul Hodes was busy releasing his critique on the report he hadn't even heard yet. The General spoke in no uncertain terms; America has a job to do, we have made substantial gains but the progress could easily be reversed if we take the wrong course of action now. We all know an immediate withdrawal would leave in its wake genocide, and a military which wonders why it is now a pawn of political campaigns and not the defenders of freedoms as they had been recruited to be.

“As General Petreaus said yesterday-we need to take military strategy off the political table. Hodes’ pre-emptive press release and his clear disregard for the analysis and opinion of the military leaders on the ground, is an absolute insult to the people that sent him to Washington to represent them. More importantly, it is an insult to the soldiers of this nation.

“General Petreaus offers a military strategy to Congress and the people of the United States. Paul Hodes offers retreat. Will someone please tell Paul Hodes that retreat is not a strategy, it is a surrender.”

--Bob Clegg, NH State Senator & Candidate for US Congress, 2nd District.