NRCC - Help Support General Petraeus and Our Troops

In support of General Petraeus returning to Capitol Hill this week and in anticipation of launching yet another tasteless ad campaign, Rep. Mike Conaway has introduced a worthwhile petition encouraging people to sign and leave comment in support of General Petraeus and our troops.

“I would like to present the General with a petition that includes signatures and comments from citizens who support both our efforts in Iraq and the men and women in uniform who are currently making such immense sacrifices for victory. We must show solidarity behind our heroic military and make our voices of hope and support louder and stronger than those of the radical anti-war groups. We must illustrate that the efforts of the military in this successful surge have not gone unnoticed. We must proclaim that it would be undeniably disastrous for our national security to retreat and inhumane to leave the Iraqi people in the hands of the brutal and violent Islamic jihadists.”