Bearse For Congress - Bearse To Negotiate 3rd “North Country” Circuit

Since announcing his candidacy for Congress on March 17th, to represent the state’s 1st Congressional District, Dr. Peter Bearse has already completed two tours to meet people in the northern sections of the district and is about to do a 3rd. Towns previously visited include Laconia, Gilford, Weirs Beach, Alton, Meredith, Center Harbor, Moultonboro, Tuftenboro and Wolfeboro. On Sunday, May 11th, Bearse will visit the most northern towns in the district, including Sandwich, South Tamworth, Tamworth, Whittier, Silver Lake, Conway, West Ossipee and Freedom.

Though from the Southern end of the district, Bearse’s enthusiasm increases as he talks about the towns and encounters that he has already experienced in the “North Country.”:

“The small towns reinforce why I moved to New Hampshire from Massachusetts. I love them all. They represent the best of New Hampshire values, populated by people who work hard with both their hands and their heads, who are resourceful and self-reliant, upholding the values of family and community life. Yet, every one is distinctive.

There’s Meredith with a little diner where, unlike many down South, the friendly, hospitable owner doesn’t mind if a candidate drops in to talk with her customers.

There’s Moultonboro with a fine garden center. Notwithstanding intensive efforts to prepare for Palm Sunday, Easter and Spring plantings, the owner took time to talk about his concerns and didn’t mind my shaking hands with his equally busy staff. Thanks to them all.”

“I heard many laments reflecting economic problems in the North Country – loss of jobs, lack of work, plants closing, decline in business – but my experience as an economist helping solve such problems enabled me to provide some hope. Such problems can be solved by adding local leadership and community collaboration to the same qualities they bring to their own occupations. Look, for example, to what Littleton has achieved in a community farther north.

Wolfeboro provided another example – of a town that urgently needs to renovate its handsome old Town Hall. Bearse had been involved with local government in Merrimac, MA, which provides a good example of how to renovate a similar, historically significant building to better house town government. In talking with the Town Clerk, Bearse observed that: “A new U.S. Rep. can help by fighting to bring money out of Washington back home, where it can add to the blend of local initiative to help people make a difference in their own communities.

“The norther I go, the better I feel,” concludes Bearse, “so I’m looking forward to my 3rd tour. It won’t be my last by a long shot.”

Released by Supporters of Peter Bearse for Congress, May 10, 2008