RNC Launches New Web Site & Video

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) today launched a new Web site encouraging voters to ask Barack Obama questions about the important issues facing America.

CanWeAsk.com provides Americans with an opportunity to submit text or video questions for Barack Obama regarding the issues he has failed to address or refused to answer, including:

  • Why, as an Illinois state Senator, did he vote “present” over 130 times instead of “yes” or “no” on difficult issues like abortion, crime, and guns?
  • On fiscal responsibility, how he intends to pay for over $660 billion in his new spending proposals and whether he can do it without raising taxes on families and small businesses?
  • Why he voted against funding for our troops after promising not to use them as pawns in a war funding debate?
  • Why did he tell donors in San Francisco that the economy has driven small town voters to “cling” to guns and religion?

CanWeAsk.com features a new RNC Web video titled: “Yes We Can.”

The video highlights unanswered questions about Barack Obama’s positions and policies. To view theWeb video, “Yes We Can,” clickhere.

To view additional RNC videos, click here.