Jennifer Horn: What Exactly is Paul Hodes Doing?

Republican Candidate Criticizes Washington for Focusing on the Wrong Priorities

Nashua – In light of Sen. Specter calling for hearings on “Spygate” and Congressman Hodes recent franked mailings, Jennifer Horn, 2nd Congressional District candidate asks, “What are they doing down there?”

“Sen. Arlen Specter wants to have a hearing on whether or not the Patriots cheated.  This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.  Obviously it is wrong to cheat, but is this really our most pressing issue facing America?  I don’t know if the Patriots cheated. I hope they didn’t, I want to believe that they didn’t.  But what I do know is soaring gas prices are killing the American family.  People are losing their jobs, losing their homes and the economy continues to decline.  Where are the hearings on reducing the price of gas?  Where are the hearings on how we are going to jumpstart the economy? Where are the hearings on how we are going to create jobs?”

“It's not enough that we just spent millions of dollars for congressional hearings on steroid use in baseball, now our representatives want to spend millions more investigating the taping of professional football games by professional football teams.”

“And then on the House side, Congressman Paul Hodes, the freshman class President, sent a tax-payer funded mailer telling us what the problems are in New Hampshire.  I don’t need a mailer telling me what the problems are.   I hear them every day as I travel the district.  I want to know when Paul Hodes is going to do something about it.  When is he going to roll up his sleeves and actually offer solutions?  What has he done to solve these problems?”

“Once again our elected representatives have forgotten who they represent and what their responsibilities are.  This is just more political theatre, more government waste, and more do-nothing congressional antics intended to distract and deflect our attention from their incompetence.”

“Real challenges require real solutions.  Right now in America we are facing soaring gas prices, billions of dollars of wasteful government spending, more taxes, unprotected borders, a country at war, uninsured Americans, vets in need of care, and an economy in decline.  Obviously the Representatives we have in Washington cannot get the job done.  It is time for a change and that is why I am asking the voters to send me to Congress.”