NH GOP - Education Funding Amendment: Gov Lynch's Failure of Leadership

CONCORD – Wednesday the New Hampshire House of Representatives defeated a constitutional amendment on school funding, spelling a defeat for Governor Lynch on an issue he has made a top priority of his administration. Despite a Democratic majority in the House, the amendment was unable to even garner a simple majority.

“This is a clear failure of leadership on the part of Governor Lynch,” said Fergus Cullen, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republicans. “It doesn’t take leadership to bring a group of kindergartners to a candy store: they want to go there anyway. The test of leadership is the ability to bring a group somewhere they don’t necessarily want to go.”

“I was not rooting for Governor Lynch to fail, and I take no joy seeing this issue go unresolved. I do give credit to the House leadership in both parties for their good faith effort to solve this vital issue. The fact remains John Lynch is the Governor and his Democratic party holds the majority.”

Evident in yesterday’s vote is that a large portion of the Democratic caucus support a state takeover of education funding, and many of them desire a broad-based tax to pay for it.

“Governor Lynch’s inability to rally his caucus around the amendment is yet another sign that the extreme left wing is in control of the Democratic party,”Cullen said.