NH GOP - John Lynch's Budget Mess

If you have been following the news, you know New Hampshire’s state budget deficit continues to grow beyond the $50 million gap that Governor Lynch originally indicated. It maybe four times that amount. The Lynch Budget deficit exists even with the State of New Hampshire reported record high revenues. How can we have a budget deficit despite record revenues?

Out of control spending! To help pay for this gaping deficit John Lynch wants to add a new tax on poker, increase taxes on liquor distributors and wants to raise taxes on tobacco for the 3rdtime in 4 years!


We all know the effects that higher taxes aimed at business have. We will all end up paying with higher prices and job losses.

New Hampshire doesn’t have a revenue problem, under John Lynch and Concord Democrats, it has a spending problem. It takes more political courage to cut spending then it does to raise taxes. This courage is missing in Concord right now.

Unfortunately, according to a UNH poll around 80% of New Hampshire voters know very little or nothing at all about this. The New Hampshire Republican Party is working hard to educate New Hampshire voters about this mess.

We need your help to broadcast this to voters and turn up the volume in the media to expose what John Lynch is, a tax and spend Democrat.

Please click here to help us spread the word to make sure voters know the mess Governor Lynch and the Concord Democrats have gotten us into.

Thank you for your support and your help to spread the Republican message.


Fergus Cullen


New Hampshire Republican Party

P.S. Your contribution will go a long way in making sure that strong fiscally responsible Republicans will win in November who will work to fix our budget crisis. I urge you please to forward this email to friends and co-workers.