NH GOP - Left-Wing Democrats Gather Saturday

CONCORD – The extreme left-wing is firmly in control of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, judging by the agenda of tomorrow’s state Democratic Party convention.

Agenda items include platform language calling for legislators to look at “all potential sourcesof revenue” – code words for a broad-based income or sales tax; a resolution to impeach the President and Vice President; and another resolution calling for their indictment.

Keynoting the convention will be none other than DNC Chairman Howard Dean, whose failed presidential campaign sparked the left-wing’s ascendance in New Hampshire Democratic politics five years ago.

“There was a time when pragmatic centrists held the upper hand within the New Hampshire Democratic Party, but Howard Dean changed that. Today’s New Hampshire Democratic Party is dominated by left-wing ideologues like state Rep. Betty Hall, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, and the BlueHampshire crowd,” said Fergus Cullen, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

“Centrist Democrats have become an endangered species in New Hampshire. With the Democratic Party’s lurch to the left on fiscal policy, social policy, and support for a ‘government-knows-best’ nanny state, they have abandoned the middle and given Republicans a real opportunity this year,” Cullen said.

Fergus Cullen

Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party

10 Water Street

Concord, NH 03301