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The Really Inconvenient Truths CEI Senior Fellow Iain Murray has been promoting his book The Really Inconvenient Truths: Seven Environmental Catastrophes Liberals Don’t Want You to Know About – Because They Helped Cause Them with a series of articles and short videos. This is the book that reveals that not only does the Green emperor have no clothes, but he is a tyrant who starves his people and burns their land. Iain also shows that the traditional tools we have used against over-mighty tyrants – property rights, the rule of law, oversight and accountability – are actually essential to environmental protection.

Visit the American Spectator to read a summary of the The Really Inconvenient Truths. You can also get the chapter on ethanol for free at the official website for the book.

Hello Nurses! When monopolists clash, ugly things happen—at least in the case of organized labor. Two unions have been trying to organize the same group of nurses, with fireworks flying. Ivan Osorio has the story at OpenMarket.org.

Racial-Quota Mandates The American Bar Association is continually threatening to pull the accreditation of George Mason University Law School for failing to adopt illegal racial quotas in admissions. More from Hans Bader at OpenMarket.org.

Drill for Oil to Save the Environment
Ethanol production is far worse for the environment than drilling for oil in Alaska’s Arctic tundra, yet Congress promotes ethanol subsidies to reduce our reliance on foreign oil, even as it blocks drilling in the Arctic and the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts that would do far more to reduce our reliance on foreign oil. Star blogger Hans Bader has more at OpenMarket.org.

Don't Judge Me by the Content of My DNA! The Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) bans insurers and employers from taking genetic information into account. The Economist blog suggests it could doom private individual insurance in the future. CEI's Hans Bader has criticized the GINA bill in the National Law Journal for lacking a “direct threat” exception.

For more analysis and wit, visit OpenMarket.org and GlobalWarming.org/blog.

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