Clegg For Congress - More Than 60 Legislators Join Clegg for Congress Team!

Concord, NH— "I've known Bob since before he entered politics and later as a legislator. He's the most stand-up guy I know, personally and professionally. When he gets to Congress he not only will speak truth to power, he'll be speaking truth to the people."-Representative Andrew Renzullo

"Senator Clegg has been a leader in the Statehouse for more than a decade and I am proud to support him. He has been a friend to New Hampshire's North Country in Concord and I know that he will be when he gets to Washington."- Representative John Tholl

“I am truly honored to receive the support of so many current and former colleagues. Together we worked very hard to better things for the people of New Hampshire and I look forward to continuing those efforts in Washington,” said Clegg.

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Legislators For Clegg:

Sen. Mike Downing, Salem

Sen. Robert Odell, Lempster

Sen. John Gallus, Berlin

Sen. Ted Gatsas, Manchester

Sen. Bob Letourneau, Derry

Sen. Jack Barnes, Raymond

Rep. Jason Bedrick, Windham

Rep. D.J. Bettencourt, Salem

Rep. Franklin Bishop, Raymond

Rep. Laurie Boyce, Alton

Rep. Kevin Camm, Hampstead

Rep. Gene Charron, Chester

Rep. Chris Christensen, Merrimack

Rep. Anthony DiFruscia, Windham

Rep. Cynthia Dokmo, Amherst

Rep. John Graham, Bedford

Rep. Jim Headd, Auburn

Rep. Rip Holden, Goffstown

Rep. Gary Hopper, Goffstown

Rep. L. Mike Kappler, Raymond

Rep. Neil Kurk, Weare

Rep. Howie Lund, Derry

Rep. Norman Major, Plaistow

Rep. Maureen Mooney, Merrimack

Rep. Ed Moran, Bedford

Rep. Lynne Ober, Hudson

Rep. Russell Ober, Hudson

Rep. Sherman Packard, Londonderry

Rep. Andrew Renzullo, Hudson

Rep. Robert Rowe, Amherst

Rep. David Russell, Gilmanton

Rep. Elisabeth Sanders, Danville

Rep. Gregory Sorg, Easton

Rep. Bob Haefner, Hudson

Rep. Saghir Tahir, Manchester

Rep. John Tholl, Whitefield

Rep. John Thomas, Belmont

Rep. Moe Villeneuve, Bedford

Rep. Kevin Waterhouse, Windham

Rep. Peyton (Pete) Hinkel, Merrimack

Rep. Mary Griffin, Windham

Rep. David Dalrymple, Salem

Rep. Sharon Carson, Londonderry

Rep. Al Baldasaro, Londonderry

Rep. Peter Bergin, Amherst

Rep. Gary Daniels, Milford

Rep. Nancy Elliot, Merrimack

Rep. Frank Emiro, Londonderry

Rep. Lee Quandt, Exeter

Rep. Matt Quandt, Exeter

Rep. Vernon Dingman, Haverhill

Rep. Nancy Stiles, Hampton

Rep. Pamela Coughlin, Mont Vernon

Rep. Paul Ingbretson, Pike

Rep. David Boutin, Hooksett

Rep. Carolyn Gargasz, Hollis

Fmr. Sen. Russell Prescott, Kingston

Fmr. Executive Councilor Dave Wheeler, Milford

Fmr. Rep Richard Cooney, Salem

Fmr. Sen. Bob Boyce, Laconia

Fmr. Sen. Chuck Morse, Salem

Rep. Eric Stohl, Colebrook