NHCA Thanks Reps. Shea-Porter, Hodes

Reps. Shea-Porter and Hodes reject blank check for Bush’s failed war strategy, vote for priorities at home, including GI Bill, and unemployment insurance for struggling families.

[Concord, NH]USAction and its NH affiliate New Hampshire Citizens Alliance praised Representatives Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes for voting in opposition to President Bush’s failed Iraq war policy and in support of important domestic priorities, including a new GI Bill to provide college scholarships to veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and an extension of unemployment insurance benefits for Americans who have lost their jobs as the economy heads south.

Representatives Shea-Porter and Hodes Voted to Invest in America, Not Endless War in Iraq. Their votes:

No on Amendment One, a measure to continue President Bush’s failed war strategy in Iraq.

Yes on Amendment Two, the most significant restrictions on Bush’s war policy since the war began, including a withdrawal timeline, anti-torture provisions, and a ban on permanent bases in Iraq and troop readiness requirements.

Yes on Amendment Three, which invests in critical domestic and international priorities, including enhanced education benefits for veterans and an extension of unemployment insurance benefits for those who have lost their jobs. Job losses have totaled more than 260,000 since the beginning of the year.

· · · “We thank Representatives Shea-Porter and Hodes for voicing the will of the people of New Hampshire by standing up to President Bush and his failed Iraq war strategy, a strategy that has made us less safe and pushed our military to the breaking point,” said Jerry Sorlucco, NHCA board of directors member.

Sorlucco added that the “investment in vital domestic priorities—including enhanced educational benefits for veterans—represents a long overdue rebalancing of critical national priorities after years of spending $12 billion a month on a failed war effort in Iraq. We are proud of Representatives Shea-Porter and Hodes for representing the priorities of the people of New Hampshire: invest in America, not endless war in Iraq.”


Cathy Silber

New Hampshire Citizens Alliance

4 Park Street, Suite 216

Concord , NH 03301