NRCC - Shea-Porter Flip-Flops on "Frontline" Program

After Polls Reveal Shea-Porter’s Vulnerability, She Runs to DCCC for Fast Cash

Washington– It’s more doublespeak from Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01). After she was elected to Congress, she vowed not to accept any support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, claiming that she didn’t want to be tied with DC based committees:

“[Shea Porter] already has told the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which did not help her in the previous cycle, that she does not want to be in its ‘Frontline’ program for endangered incumbents.” (Roll Call, 11/14/2007)

But now in light of a recent poll that shows her trailing one Republican candidate by six points, she’s retreated to the DCCC to quickly raise funds for her re-election bid:

“The freshman Congresswoman with a bull’s-eye on her back has joined the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s ‘Frontline’ fundraising program for vulnerable incumbents, after initially declining help from the national party earlier this cycle.” (Roll Call, 05/19/2008)

“This is just further evidence that you can’t trust Carol Shea-Porter,” said NRCC Spokesman Ken Spain. “Here’s a classic example of her saying one thing and then doing another just to get re-elected so that she can vote on massive tax hikes at a time of economic uncertainty.”

The voters in New Hampshire deserve a representative who stands by their convictions and who doesn’t look at polls to make decisions on their behalf.