Bosse For Congress - Bosse Unveils Comprehensive Energy Plan

Market-based reforms to lower gas prices and promote new energy sources
(Hillsboro)  Republican Grant Bosse today unveiled a comprehensive Energy Plan to lower gas prices, promote new sources of renewable energy, and lessen Congressional interference in the energy marketplace.  Bosse also announced that former State Senator Jim Rubens and New England Wood Pellet founder Steve Walker will head up the Bosse campaign’s Energy and Environmental Council, advising Bosse on these complex issues.
“For the American economy to recover in the short-term, and prosper long-term, we need to find a better way of getting the energy we need to power economic growth,” said Bosse.  “My comprehensive Energy Plan will make all forms of energy more affordable, provide incentives for renewable energy breakthroughs, and protect the environment.”
The Bosse Energy Plan contained ten changes in federal energy policy which would reduce Congressional interference in the energy marketplace, increase supply of both traditional and new energy sources, and lower prices for American consumers.
·        End ethanol subsidies and mandates.
·        Provide permanent tax incentives for renewable energy sources.
·        End subsidies for fossil fuel development, such as royalty-free extraction in deepwater offshore wells.
·        Increase access to domestic energy reserves, such as Alaska oil field and oil sands in the Western United States.
·        Streamline siting and environmental requirements for new oil refineries.
·        Streamline application process for nuclear power plant construction.
·        Simplify siting process for electric power lines.
·        Cap-and-trade emissions from power plants.
·        Promote X-Prize system for new energy breakthroughs.
·        Reform energy research programs through New Energy Block Grants.
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