Horn For Congress - Horn Releases Video Featuring Jackie Mason

NASHUA – Jennifer Horn, Republican 2nd Congressional District candidate, debuted a web video today featuring Award-winning actor and comedian Jackie Mason. Earlier in the week, Mason announced that he will be endorsing Jennifer Horn and sent a letter to the voters of New Hampshire on her behalf.

Known for his on-stage tenacity and guts, the three minute video features an in-your-face, opinionated Jackie Mason monologue at its best.

The video can be found on www.JenniferHorn.org.

In his video Jackie Mason says:

“You have something that you very rarely see in politics or political life. An honest, sincere, devoted person whose principles are more important than anything else and would sacrifice her career and even her life for this country and do anything in the world to help America and to make America the most prosperous and most powerful country and the most wonderful humanitarian country in the world.

There’s nobody like her. And there is nobody else more full of conviction and integrity than her. I sound so emotional about it because I feel it in my heart. It bothers me when I see so many low-lifes and frauds and fakes in political office when an honest, devoted, sincere person like her has to fight for a job the way she does. She shouldn’t even have to fight for it!

You should thank God that someone like her showed up and vote for her as soon as she shows up! Because she deserves your vote more than anybody on any political scene of any party, anywhere in America.

And I say this from the bottom of my heart. God bless you. Listen to me and you won’t go wrong. I’ve been right every time and I know who the crooks are and I know the difference. She makes the difference.”