SEIA Statement on HR 6049, the Energy and Job Creation Act

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) president Rhone Resch today released the following statement after the House of Representatives passed legislation (H.R. 6049, the Energy and Job Creation Act of 2008) to extend the solar investment tax credit (ITC) for 6 years by a vote of 263-160.

“I applaud the House of Representatives for passing a long-term extension of the solar investment tax credit. This legislation secures America’s clean-energy future by closing a tax loophole enjoyed by hedge-fund managers on their ‘Cayman Island’ income.

“For the Senate, the choice is now clear: they can either protect tax loopholes for privileged investment managers, or create tens of thousands of green-collar jobs in a troubled economy. Most Senators will find it very hard to turn their back on workers in their home state.

“As Memorial Day approaches, gas prices and utility rates are soaring, making it clear that Congress must take action to protect our country’s economic and energy future. Allowing the solar tax credit to expire is an enormous tax increase that will cost thousands of American jobs and billions in economic investment. Without this bill our national energy security will continue to be jeopardized by skyrocketing fuel prices from unreliable suppliers. Now is the time to act and secure our energy future.”

Background Resources:
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Letter from Governor Schwarzenegger to Congressional Leadership – May 13, 2008

“As Congress moves forward on legislation to extend tax credits, I must highlight three critical concerns for California. The extension of federal credits related to incentives for research and development, renewable energy and energy efficiency and a continuation of the ‘patch’ for the alternative minimum tax are hugely important to the health of the California economy.”

"Dumb as We Wanna Be" by Thomas Friedman, New York Times, April 30 ? ?

While all the presidential candidates were railing about lost manufacturing jobs in Ohio, no one noticed that America’s premier solar company, First Solar, from Toledo, Ohio, was opening its newest factory in the former East Germany -- 540 high-paying engineering jobs -- because Germany has created a booming solar market and America has not.

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See Politico’s Matt Wuerker’s perfect depiction of the challenges facing extension of the solar investment tax credits. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand megawatts.