Horn For Congress - Paul Hodes and His Washington Pals Choose Special Interst Over Average Citizen

Nashua – Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for the 2nd Congressional District called on Congressman Paul Hodes to stop giving tax breaks to trial lawyers and start focusing on New Hampshire citizens.

On Wednesday, Paul Hodes and Congress voted to give trial lawyers a tax break. In April, Congress passed the largest tax increase in American History, which equated to a tax increase of $3,100 to the average taxpayer in 2nd Congressional District alone.

Why? Congressman Paul Hodes and his Democrat buddies in Washington received over 1.2 million dollars in campaign funds from the American Association for Justice PAC, the political arm of the trial lawyers lobby.

“Paul Hodes had a choice: give the American citizens or give trial lawyers a tax break. Which one did he choose? You guessed it, the trial lawyers.”

“Paul Hodes is a part of the corrupt system in Washington that continues to fail the American people. If you have money and influence in Washington, you can control politicians and change the laws in your favor. If you are an average citizen, fighting to make ends meet, Congress walks all over you.”

Horn continued, “The voter is truly the most powerful person in a democracy,and I say it is time for voters across New Hampshire to assert their authority. It is time for representatives who put the people above party, above special interests, and above their own self-interests. When I am in Congress, I will never forget the average, hard-working Granite Stater and always vote in their best interest.”