News from Gravel For President 2008 - The Libertarian Convention

We are here in Denver in the midst of the Libertarian Convention.  Earlier today Senator Gravel acquired enough "tokens" to participate in this evening's Libertarian Presidential Debate, broadcast LIVE on C-SPAN at 9 pm EST.  He and five fellow presidential candidates will debate for two hours. 

Tomorrow, Libertarian delegates will select their standard bearer for the November election.  In addition to tonight's debate, Mike has the opportunity tonight to deliver a speech to the convention and make his case for why he is the best candidate to bring the Libertarian message to the American people.  

AND, in case you don't remember the courageous honesty and passion that Mike brought to the Democratic debates, here are a few reminders.

Now it's time for the Libertarian community to see what Mike will bring to the national debates, where he would take on McCain and Obama with the same ferocity and vision he has demonstrated his entire career.  Be sure to tune in to C-SPAN tonight, and check the website for nomination updates from the convention floor tomorrow.

Your support has been truly appreciated, and let's cheer for Mike this weekend!

Give 'em hell, Gravel!

The Gravel Campaign