Clegg for Congress - Mike Huckabee Comes Back to NH For Bob Clegg

The Former Presidential Candidate Joins Clegg As He Files His Candidacy

Concord, NH

“I am honored to have Mike Huckabee join me in the New Hampshire State House as I make mycampaign official by filing my papers with the Secretary of State,” said Clegg, who was a key advisor on Huckabee’s Presidential Campaign. “Mike Huckabee represents what is right in American politics—where a couple of kids that started with little can run for a federal office and have a shot. Besides, Mike has a way of making things a lot of fun!”

The fun begins Sunday night, June 8th with a “Summer Jam” in Nashua. Friends are welcome to join for music food and fun-Clegg may even convince Gov. Huckabee to strum a few tunes! On Monday, Governor Huckabee will join Senator Clegg and supporters for his filing before heading to the Lilac Luncheon in Bedford.

Recently,Governor Huckabee endorsed Clegg stating on his website, “"When Bob Clegg is elected to Congress, he will take the same no-nonsense style and effective leadership to Washington that he has shown in Concord. He has been one of the most respected, effective, and sometimes even feared legislators in New Hampshire. He will go to Congress for all the right reasons!"” (View Endorsement at

Details of the visit will be made available soon!

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