Bearse for Congress - Public Misled by Reporting of UNH Polls

The latest UNH Granite State Poll has been misread by Jeb Bradley and the media in ways that mislead the public as to Congressional choices they will have in November.

In another fundraising pitch to help him mount another $1 million-plus campaign, Bradley immediately broadcast: “this poll has me leading Carol Shea-Porter by almost 10 points…I need your help, a contribution of …” He also claims that “This poll shows that I am the only candidate that can beat her…” Here, Bradley is playing the role of the kind of politician that people have come to distrust. He is stretching facts to the max to suit his ambition.

For what the UNH survey people really reported is that their poll “showed Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.) trailing her potential Republican rival…Jeb Bradley, 45 to 39 percent, in a head-to-head matchup. She only wins 43 percent of the vote against a lesser known Republican opponent…John Stephen.” So, the spread is only 6 points, Jeb v. Carol, not “almost 10”, and Stephen can also beat her.

Failure of the media to connect the dots in their own reporting also serves to mislead their readers by not completing the picture. A separate report on another part of the UNH survey showed “McCain defeating Obama by a staggering 61-27 percent among independents, and topping Clinton by 53-30 among the same group.” So, what if independent voters, who have already been feeling their oats influencing presidential primary results, cross over to influence the House contest in November? Where will they go – to Bradley or Shea-Porter, or to the only Independent in the race, Dr. Peter Bearse [ ], a local coordinator for John McCain?

The key question, which neither UNH polls nor the media have yet tried to answer is: Why should voters -- who increasingly have been declaring their independence -- vote for either Bradley or Shea-Porter? Why should they vote for a former and a current incumbent when they can vote for someone able and committed to “Change Congress”? The answer is: They won’t if they want real change rather than the outcome of the same old game of political musical chairs.

For the two likely major party contestants are cut from the same mold: Same old/same old, go-along/get-along, party animals playing party games that haven’t served people well in Washington. Their voting records tell the tale: Both exhibit percentages of votes well over 90% to follow party lines and party leadership. So, they’ve both been part of the problem rather than part of the solution to voters’ DIS-approval of Congressional performance: 75% disapprove outright; only 14-22% approve – at least 10 percentage points BELOW the approval rating of President Bush!