Bradley for Congress - Jeb Bradley Statement on UNH Poll Results

UNH Poll Gives Bradley the Edge in Head-to-Head Match Up with Carol Shea-Porter

A Granite State Poll released today byUNH, presents Jeb Bradley as the only candidate who can beat Carol Shea-Porter in November.  Jeb Bradley released the following statement on theresults.

In the past year and a half we have seen Congress vote to pass the largest tax increase in history.  We have seen gas prices soar with no feasible proposal for a long term energy plan, a lack of Congressional support for our troops in harm’s way and significant job losses, and all Carol Shea-Porter offers is higher taxes and bigger government. The results of this new poll show people do not believe this is the right vision for our country. I am encouraged and pleased by these results and will work hard through November to show the people of New Hampshire I will fight for their needs in Washington.” – Jeb Bradley, 1st District Congressional Candidate, NH.

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