DSCC - Senator Sununu Votes Against Safer Skies, Fewer Air Delays

Opposes legislation to modernize air travel

Republican Senator John Sununu today voted against the Aviation Investment and Modernization Act which would modernize air travel by improving air safety and enhancing passengers’ rights. Sununu’s vote comes despite hundreds of flights cancelled last month due to safety problems and reports of passengers trapped on planes for hours with overflowing toilets and no food.

“John Sununu is clearly out of touch if he thinks the current state of air travel is just fine,” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said. “Travelers are tired of waiting for massively delayed flights and fixes to safety concerns, and Granite Staters are tired of waiting for John Sununu to stand up for their interests.”

Main Provisions of the Aviation Investment and Modernization Act (S.1300)

  • Improve Air Safety. Modernization of the old, analog air traffic control system with a modern digital system to improve safety in the increasingly crowded skies; requires development of a plan to reduce runway incursions.
  • Improve Passengers’ Rights. Require airlines to put up on their websites updated lists of chronically late flights and develop plans to deal with extended tarmac delays.
  • Improve Service to Small Communities. Increases funding and provides for other incentives for the Essential Air Service program.
  • Air Travel Benefits for Service Members. Gives all active duty service members access to the lowest ticketed fares.