DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee Reaches Agreement on Seating Florida and Michigan Delegations

Washington, DC--Today, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and Rules and Bylaws Committee Co-Chairs Alexis Herman and Jim Roosevelt issued the following joint statement:
"Today, after careful consideration and debate, the Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaws Committee reached an agreement on the two challenges before the Committee on seating delegations from Florida and Michigan.  The Committee voted to seat the full Florida delegation with a half-vote each.  The RBC accepted the Michigan Leadership Plan as presented today by the Michigan Democratic Party with the exception that each delegate receives a half vote.  In addition, the Committee agreed that delegates from both states should be slated under Rules 5, 6, 7, and 12, outlining the candidate's right of approval.  With this decision, the revised total of delegate votes needed to secure the nomination is 2,118.
"This decision was not made easily or lightly but after listening to oral arguments made by the complainants, State Parties, and both presidential campaigns, we believe this to be the most fair and equitable solution allowed within the rules.  The Committee arrived at its decision with three basic principles in mind: One, that we must be fair to the voters in both states. Two, that we must be fair to both campaigns who abided by the rules in good faith and three, that we must be fair to the 48 states that followed the rules. 
"We believe today's decision is a step forward in unifying our Party as we work together to put a Democrat back in the White House so we can bring the Iraq War to a responsible end and get our economy back on track.  We want to thank all of today's presenters, members of the public - both those here today and the many others who have made their voices heard throughout the process, and supporters of both campaigns."