DNC - DNC Officers Endorse Barack Obama For President

Washington, DC -- Today, the elected officers of the Democratic National Committee--DNC Vice Chairs Lottie Shackelford, Linda Chavez Thompson, Rep. Mike Honda, Susan W. Turnbull, DNC Secretary Alice Germond, DNC Treasurer Andrew Tobias and DNC Finance Chair Philip Murphy--issued the following statement endorsing Senator Barack Obama for President:

"Now that this historic primary season is over, today we proudly offer our enthusiastic endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States.  Senator Obama is an extraordinary and gifted leader who understands the compelling issues facing American families.  As President he will revive the American Dream by working to create jobs, stimulate our economy, cut middle class taxes, make health care affordable and accessible, and put college within reach for every American.  He offers the American people a sharp contrast from the third Bush term John McCain is promising. 

"We also congratulate Senator Hillary Clinton on her extraordinary run for the Presidency; the incredible amount of work she and her supporters poured into her campaign has left the Democratic Party stronger than ever.  We thank and honor her for her continued leadership and commitment to America and the Democratic Party.

"This year's historic primary campaign brought millions of new voters into the Democratic Party, with record-breaking Democratic voter turnout in every state, territory and Democrats Abroad. This momentous energy illustrates that Americans everywhere are hungry for change.  Senator Obama is the candidate who can bring that change. Together, we look forward to doing everything we can to provide Americas working families the change they deserve by helping elect Barack Obama the next President of the United States."