Horn For Congress - Gas Prices Must Come Down

Since Hodes has been in Office, Gas Prices have Doubled

Jennifer Horn, mother of five and candidate for the 2nd Congressional District, demands that Paul Hodes get serious about America’s energy crisis.

“Last Friday, like a lot of families across New Hampshire, I spent the day driving my kids to and from school, sport and band practice. I felt first hand the pinch of higher gas prices.” Horn stated.

Horn continued, “Gas prices have doubled since Paul Hodes was elected President of the 2006 Congressional Freshman class. Carpooling and glossy tax-payer funded mailings are not going to solve this problem. New Hampshire families are feeling the pinch and it’s time to get serious about comprehensive energy reform. Obviously Paul Hodes is too much of a Washington insider to recognize what hard working New Hampshire families are going through.”

“Paul Hodes has yet to show real leadership. I encourage him to stop playing follow-the-leader, and instead start listening to the people across NewHampshire. Americans are hungry for a change, when I am elected to Congress, I will always put New Hampshire families first.”