DNC - McCain Myth Buster: John McCain and His Economic Plan

Washington, DC - John McCain says he has "several near-term, tangible plans to address some of the challenges confronting Americans today." Yet just last month the non-partisan FactCheck.org called McCain out on his economic plan, showing that McCain's comments on taxes--which he says are central to his plans to get the economy back on track--have been riddled with "exaggerations and distortions." The analysis shows "McCain is wrong in his claim that Sens. Clinton and Obama want to implement 'the single largest tax increase since the Second World War'" and that many of his other comments on taxes have been misleading. [johnmccain.com, 5/14/08]

For a candidate who has already admitted he doesn't really understand economics, his distortion of the facts further proves his point.

FactCheck.org Analysis Shows McCain's Tax Plans Are Misleading. According to the non-partisan FactCheck.org, "In our last installment we looked at McCain's pronouncements on spending cuts to help balance the budget. In Part II, we examine what he's said on a subject that might be more pleasing to many Americans: lowering taxes. We found exaggerations and distortions here, as well…By the measure most economists prefer, McCain is wrong in his claim that Sens. Clinton and Obama want to implement "the single largest tax increase since the Second World War..." [FactCheck.org, 5/14/08]

FactCheck.org Analysis Shows McCain's Spending Plans Don't Add Up. According to the non-partisan FactCheck.org, "McCain's big promise is that he can balance the budget while extending Bush's tax cuts and adding a few of his own. He likes to leave the impression that this can be done painlessly, for example, by eliminating 'wasteful' spending in the form of 'earmarks' that lawmakers like to tuck into spending bills to finance home-state projects. We found that not only is this theory full of holes, it's not even McCain's actual plan." [FactCheck.org, 5/13/08]

After casting himself as a "Maverick" in 2000, the new John McCain is walking in lockstep with President Bush, pandering to the right wing of the Republican Party, and embracing the ideology he once denounced. On the campaign trail McCain has callously abandoned many of his previously held positions, even contradicted himself, in a blatant attempt to remake himself into a candidate Republicans can accept in 2008. So just who is the real John McCain? The Democratic National Committee will present a daily fact aimed at exposing the man behind the myth.