Horn For Congress - It Takes a Mom to Fix Congress

NASHUA - Jennifer Horn, wife, mother and leading Republican candidate for the 2nd Congressional District was joined by her husband Bill and their 4 boys on Tuesday as she filed papers to run for Congress against Paul Hodes.

Horn remarked, “Paul Hodes has the same stale ideas and the same tired approach to Congress. We need people who have real world experience who can handle the real problems America faces.”

“As a mother, I know first handwhat New Hampshire families are going through and how the lack of leadership in Washington affects the American working family. Last Friday, like a lot of families across New Hampshire, I spent the day driving my kids to and from school, sports and band practice. I know how $4.00 a gallon of gas can destroy a family budget ,” Horn stated.

“We sent Paul Hodes to do a job and he failed. He only offers partisan rhetoric and glossy tax-payer funded mailers. Since Paul Hodes was elected freshman class president, gas prices have doubled, people are losing their jobs, families are losing their homes and the economy continues to decline. We can’t keep sending the same people to Congress and expect different results. We need to send a mom to Congress to fix what Paul Hodes has not,” Horn said.

Horn, considered by many to be the frontrunner for the GOP nomination in September, made her filing a family affair and intends on running her campaign for Congress in the same way.

Horn continued, “Washington has been bought and sold by special interests. I want to renew the spirit of America. We live in a country where the impossible does not exist and we can achieve our dreams through hard work and dedication. We can make government work again, but we will have to make some changes. The first step is electing me to Congress.”

When in Congress, Jennifer Horn will work hard to keep taxes low and cut wasteful government spending, will put America on a path to energy independence and will always fight to make sure our military gets the support they deserve.

“We have a new day ahead of us. When I am in Congress, I will never take granted for what an awesome privilege that is and will fight everyday for the people of the 2nd District. Together, we will restore people’s faith in government and renew the promise that is America.”