NRCC - Hodes, Democrats Fail Again to Take Action on Gas Prices

Paul Hodes Sides with Democrat Leaders in Blocking Essential Domestic Energy Production

Washington- Rep. Paul Hodes' constituents in New Hampshire are struggling to afford the skyrocketing cost of gasoline these days, but Hodes (NH-02) continues to ignore the threat energy prices pose to American families, businesses and the economy, as well as our national security. Hodes has instead taken a “do-nothing” approach, voting this week to block the House from debating any amendment aimed at reducing the cost of gas, just as the national average has jumped to $4.05 per gallon (House Roll Call 405) .

Hodes also refused to sign a discharge petition to allow an up or down vote on the No More Excuses Energy Act, which would significantly increase the production of domestic energy, build more refineries, encourage more use of alternative energy and protect the environment. Instead, Paul Hodes is standing by his Democratic leadership and putting partisanship before productivity.

Once again, the Democrat-led Congress did not schedule a single piece of legislation again this week to address the rising cost of gasoline:

“It's a problem driven by domestic supply restrictions imposed by the Democratic Congress in the face of growing worldwide demand. The Democrats preach energy independence while they do everything in their power to prevent it. If the American people truly want change, this would be it.” (Investor’s Business Daily, 6/9/08)


Paul Hodes has repeatedly shown that he is out-of-touch and unwilling to address America’s energy crisis. A new survey shows that “69% of Americans support lowering energy prices by using domestic energy sources, even if it means drilling off our coasts and in Alaska, rather than suing OPEC” (American Solutions, 6/4/08) .

Even Hodes' Democrat colleague, Joe Donnelly, has recognized the importance of expanding domestic energy production:

I also support expanding our domestic production and exploration of oil and gas as a way to achieve energy independence. …I would support responsible exploration of oil reserves in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.” (South Bend Tribune Op-Ed, 6/11/08)

“ Paul Hodes has turned a deaf ear to his New Hampshire constituents who are concerned about gas prices and the struggling economy,” said NRCC Spokesman Ken Spain. “Paul Hodes promised ‘change’ on the campaign trail, but unfortunately for voters in New Hampshire, Hodes continues to serve as a lapdog for his party leaders.”

Paul Hodes has put himself at odds with the majority of Americans, and remains a staunch opponent of sensible solutions to the energy crisis. If Hodes was serious about providing much-needed relief to his constituents, he would give up his “do-nothing” approach in exchange for passing real, commonsense solutions to America’s energy crisis.