Obama For President - For Independent and Democratic Voters McCain Offers a Third Bush Term

"On the transcendent issues, the most important issues of our day, I have been totally in agreement and support of President Bush."  – John McCain, Meet the Press, June 19, 2005

 During a 2005 appearance on Meet the Press, John McCain said that on "the most important issues of our day, I have been totally in agreement and support of President Bush."  And by voting with George Bush 95% of the time last year, he proved it.  When Independent, Democratic, and even Republican voters see John McCain's record they'll see that  he promises another four years of George Bush's failed policies that have produced an economy that doesn't work for all of us, a health care system that is unaffordable for too many of us, and a country made less secure and more isolated by a war that should have never been authorized and never been waged.  They'll also see that McCain promises to continue George Bush's approach to appointing Supreme Court justices.

Like Bush, McCain holds staunch anti-choice views, and during the Republican primary campaign he even bragged about his long record of opposing reproductive rights in Congress.  Behind closed doors McCain told Gary Bauer that he would impose a "pro-life" litmus test on his appointments.  But far too many voters don't know about this record.  In fact, a recent poll found that nearly a quarter of McCain's female, pro-choice supporters in battleground states mistakenly believe he is pro-choice.  The fact is, on reproductive rights, John McCain represents a third Bush term. 

Planned Parenthood Poll Of 16 Battleground States: Nearly a Quarter of McCain's Pro-Choice, Female Supporters Mistakenly Think McCain Is Pro-Choice. "A new Planned Parenthood survey, conducted in 16 likely battleground states…shows that 23 percent of McCain's female, pro-choice supporters mistakenly believe he shares their views on abortion." [Newsweek, 4/28/08]

Planned Parenthood Poll Of 16 Battleground States: Nearly Half Of Female Voters In Battleground States Who Support McCain Called Themselves Pro-Choice. 
"A Planned Parenthood poll of women voters in 16 battleground states earlier this year showed 49 percent of McCain's supporters called themselves pro-choice and said they support Roe." [Newsweek, 5/26/08]

Planned Parenthood Poll Of 16 Battleground States: Half Of Women Who Support McCain Couldn't Describe His Position On Choice. "The Planned Parenthood poll showed that half of women who supported McCain couldn't describe his position on the issue." [Newsweek, 5/26/08]


McCain Website Says Roe V. Wade is a "Flawed Decision That Must Be Overturned." "John McCain believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench. Constitutional balance would be restored by the reversal of Roe v. Wade, returning the abortion question to the individual states." [McCain Website, accessed 5/14/08, http://johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/95b18512-d5b6-456e-90a2-12028d71df58.htm]

McCain: "I've Never Agreed with Roe v. Wade."  As he prepared to run for the GOP presidential nomination, McCain said the he "never agreed with Roe v. Wade."  In a January 2006 interview with CBS News, McCain was asked if he thought the nomination of Samuel Alito would shift the Supreme Court towards an abortion ban.  McCain replied, saying, "I don't know. In his testimony he intimated, as did Justice Roberts that they would not change the status quo. But I--I don't know the answer to that. I've never agreed with Roe v. Wade, so it wouldn't bother me any." [CBS News, 1/25/06]

McCain Said Roe v. Wade Should Be Overturned
.  McCain said, "I do not support Roe v. Wade. I think it should be overturned."  [New York Times, 2/24/07]

McCain: "I Have Always Believed In The Importance Of The Repeal Of Roe Vs. Wade, And As President, I Would Work Toward Its Repeal." "I have always believed in the importance of the repeal of Roe vs. Wade, and as president, I would work toward its repeal," McCain said. [Des Moines Register, 8/24/99]

McCain Voted Overwhelming Against Reproductive Rights In The House And Senate. "During his four years in the House, then-Rep. McCain cast 11 votes on abortion and other reproductive-rights issues. Ten of these votes were anti-choice. In the Senate, through 2006, Sen. McCain cast 117 votes on abortion and other reproductive-rights issues, 113 of which were anti-choice." [NARAL, http://www.prochoiceamerica.org/elections/statements/mccain.html]

McCain Bragged About His "Zero" Ranking From NARAL. During a March 2007 interview with National Review Online, McCain highlighted his anti-choice record: "McCain: Could I also tout my pro-life voting record?  Ramesh Ponnuru: Absolutely. McCain: Could I take a moment? Back 25-year now voting record of pro-life, whether it be federal funding for abortion, or whether it be, no matter what it be, I have many, many votes and it's been consistent. And I've got a consistent zero from NARAL throughout all of those years. I may have had some other policy differences with some people in the pro-life community, but my record is clear. And I think the important thing is you look at people's voting record because sometimes rhetoric can be a little. . . misleading.  Ponnuru: You started out your political career as a pro-lifer.  McCain: Yes, absolutely. I campaigned in the first primary for Congress in 1982 as a pro-lifer and my voting record overall of those years, and there are many, many votes that are pro-life votes that I've taken. Never once has there been a non-pro-life vote." [National Review Online, 3/5/07]

McCain "Plans To Continue, And Perhaps Even Accelerate, George W. Bush's Conservative Counter-Revolution At The Supreme Court" And Has "Voted For Every One Of Bush's Judicial Appointments." "McCain plans to continue, and perhaps even accelerate, George W. Bush's conservative counter-revolution at the Supreme Court. … The question, as always with McCain these days, is whether he means it. Might he really be a 'maverick' when it comes to the Supreme Court? The answer, almost certainly, is no. The Senator has long touted his opposition to Roe, and has voted for every one of Bush's judicial appointments; the rhetoric of his speech shows that he is getting his advice on the Court from the most extreme elements of the conservative movement." [Jeffrey Toobin, New Yorker, 5/26/08]

McCain Said He Would Nominated Judges Like Roberts And Alito.
"In an address at Wake Forest University, McCain pledged to nominate jurists who believe 'there are clear limits to the scope of judicial power' and who are 'faithful in all things to the Constitution of the United States.' McCain added that he would choose nominees with 'a proven record of excellence in the law, and a proven commitment to judicial restraint.' By way of example, McCain said he would look for people in the cast of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., and his friend the late Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. He called them 'jurists of the highest caliber who know their own minds, and know the law, and know the difference.'" [Los Angeles Times, 5/7/08]

McCain Made Closed-Door Promise To Conservative Leader To Impose Litmus Test, Appoint Pro-Life Judges
. "Somewhat surprisingly, McCain had the support of Gary Bauer, the social conservative, who had dropped out of the race by that time. 'I wanted a commitment from either George Bush or John McCain that if elected he would appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court,' Bauer told me. 'Bush said he had no litmus test, and his judges would be strict constructionists. But McCain, in private, assured me he would appoint pro-life judges.'" [New Yorker, 5/30/05]