DNC - McCain Myth Buster: John McCain and American Jobs

Washington, DC--John McCain claims that a part of his economic plan for America is "bolstering job security," but his record tells a different story. When Senator McCain has had the chance, instead of fighting to keep America's jobs here at home he helped steer a tanker contract to a European company for which his campaign advisors then lobbied, shipping tens of thousands of American jobs overseas. This follows McCain's pattern of mocking and subverting "Buy America" rules in the Senate. [johnmccain.com, accessed 6/15/08]

With the economy continuing to slide, the last thing voters want is another president who will put the interests of Washington lobbyists ahead of the needs of America's workers. But as Senator McCain has shown repeatedly during his career in Washington he seems to have no problem turning his back on America's working families when they are suffering the most.

Air Force Tanker Deal to Outsource Tens of Thousands of Defense Jobs. According to reports, McCain consistently weighed in against a Boeing contract that would have resulted in the immediate creation of 44,000 new manufacturing jobs in at least 40 states. Under best case scenarios, the European tanker deal will create 20,000 fewer U.S. jobs, and most that are created will not be in the United States until 2010 when assembly is scheduled to move from France to Alabama. [AP, 3/8/2008:
Business Week, 3/3/08 (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23448928/]

McCain Sponsored Amendment that Ended Defense Department's Buy America Requirement. In May 2003, Senate Republicans voted for a McCain amendment that would allow the Defense Department to forego a requirement to purchase American-made equipment if that equipment was manufactured by Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands or Spain. [Senate Vote 191, 5/21/03]

McCain Was "Disappointed" that the Secret Service Was Required to Purchase American-Made Motorcycles. "Lastly, I am also disappointed that the bill once again this year contains a Department-wide 'Buy America' requirement, and specific language directing the Secret Service to purchase American-made motorcycles. I firmly object to all 'Buy America' restrictions, as they represent gross examples of protectionist trade policy. From a philosophical point of view, I oppose such policies because free trade is an important element in improving relations among all nations, which then improves the security of our Nation. Furthermore, as a fiscal conservative, I want to ensure our Government gets the best deal for taxpayers and with a 'Buy American' restriction that cannot be guaranteed." [Congressional Record, 7/14/05]

McCain Mocked "Buy America" Provisions, Saying, "I'll Sleep Better At Night Knowing That All Our Carbon Plates Are Manufactured in the U.S." "This year's bill also includes a number of 'Buy America' provisions. For example, it prevents the foreign purchase of welded shipboard anchor and mooring chain four inches in diameter and under. Another provision ensures that all carbon, alloy or steel plates are produced in the United States. Whew. I know we'll sleep better at night knowing that all of our carbon plates are manufactured in the U.S." [Congressional Record, 10/7/05]

McCain Described "Buy America" Provisions As "Ludicrous." "Every year, Buy America restrictions cost the Department of Defense and the American taxpayers $5.5 billion. From a philosophical point of view, I oppose these types of protectionist policies, and from an economic point of view they are ludicrous. Free trade is both an important element in improving relations among nations and essential to economic growth." [Congressional Record, 10/7/05]