NH GOP - Shaheen's Outdated Policies: Higher Prices For Gas and Food

CONCORD – Fergus Cullen, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, made the following statement today:

“When it comes to addressing record gas prices, Jeanne Shaheen believes we should impose the same failed policies that plunged our country into an energy crisis decades ago. New Hampshire families can expect higher energy bills and a greater dependence on foreign sources of oil as a result of her support for taxes and policies that discourage domestic energy production. It comes as no surprise that her latest plan to address this issue involves higher taxes, given that virtually every initiative proposed during her governorship involved a tax hike. Apparently Jeanne Shaheen doesn’t remember that when Jimmy Carter imposed the same unsuccessful policies in the 1970’s, domestic energy production fell, foreign oil imports rose as much as 16 percent, and Americans were forced to wait in line for hours to fill up their tanks.

Additionally, Jeanne Shaheen has emerged as champion of the 2008 Farm Bill and its wasteful government subsidies for big agribusinesses and corn-based ethanol production that have contributed to soaring food prices for working families. Jeanne Shaheen not only wants to continue these catastrophic mandates, but also wants to continue giveaways to big farm corporations and special interests during times of record profits.

Only politicians as out of touch as Jeanne Shaheen don’t understand that their plans to squander our food supply on ethanol result in skyrocketing prices for bread, milk and other commodities at New Hampshire’s grocery stores.”