DNC - McCain Myth Buster: John McCain and Off-Shore Drilling

Washington, DC--During his campaign John McCain has tried to create distance from the Bush Administration by talking tough on the environment.  But you just never know which John McCain you're going to get. Today, Senator McCain will cave to his friends in the oil and gas industries by declaring that he supports lifting the federal moratorium on drilling exploration, even though he supported the moratorium the last time he ran for president and has opposed drilling off the coast of places like Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, and Maine.   

This is yet another clear indication that on energy policies Senator McCain does not provide a break with President Bush, even though he has claimed repeatedly he does. And for families suffering from skyrocketing gas and home heating costs while energy companies make record profits, this is the last thing Americans want.

2008: McCain, In Texas, Will Announce He Wants To Life Moratorium On Oil Exploration. "The message of the McCain campaign for the day is on energy, as today McCain announced that in his speech before oil executives in Texas tomorrow he would call for lifting the federal moratorium on oil and natural gas exploration, leaving the decision on whether to explore for oil up to the states." [MSNBC's First Read, 6/16/08]

1999: McCain, Campaigning In California, Endorsed A Moratorium On Offshore Oil Drilling. "For a moment, Republican presidential hopeful John McCain almost sounded like a San Francisco liberal. The Arizona senator said yesterday that gays and lesbians would be welcome to serve in his administration. He decried the influence of money in politics. He endorsed a moratorium on offshore oil drilling." [San Francisco Chronicle, 7/29/99]
1999: McCain Supports The Current Moratorium On Oil Drilling.
"In response to a query of the candidates, Gore and Bradley promised to support the existing moratorium, in addition to opposing the leases. Both also say they will work with the seven oil companies holding leases to find alternatives to drilling. That could mean canceling the leases, or buying out the companies in a deal like the one that secured the Headwaters  Forest. McCain supports the current moratorium, but hasn't decided on the pending leases. Steve Forbes hasn't replied to questions about oil drilling." [Ventura County Star, 11/15/99]

McCain Voted Against An Amendment To Give Coastal States More Authority In Federal Off-Shore Drilling Decisions.  In 1992, McCain voted to kill an amendment to the National Energy Policy bill (S 2166) which would have strengthened the role of coastal states in federal offshore drilling decisions. [1992 Senate Vote #25, 2/19/1992]

McCain Voted Against Giving Governors Veto Power Over Natural Gas Lines Located In State Waters. McCain voted against an amendment to allow state governor to veto the siting, construction, expansion or operation of a liquified natural gas (LNG) facility, located on-shore or in State waters. [2005 Senate Vote #146, 6/22/2005]