Jarvis For Congress - Dave Jarvis Files for First Congressional District

Telecommunications Engineer and former candidate for Congress Dave Jarvis filed to run for the Republican nomination in the First District Congressional race late last Friday. Among his stated reasons for entering the race is his strong belief in the need for universal healthcare, his concern for stability in the Middle East, and to help combat the effects of fear on our economic and political landscape. His eleven years as an engineer in the competitive telecommunications field working for many industry leaders has proven his top level analytical skills and calm in high stress environments.

Dave’s previous run for congress in the 2006 Democratic Primary resulted in a bipartisan respect for his independent mindset and for his strong communication skills. Carol Shea-Porter’s victory over Jeb Bradley can in small part be attributed to Dave’s public appeal to conservatives and moderates for a change in Iraq War strategy and his strong support for Shea-Porter in the general elections helped force those ends. Having achieved his goal of arguing for a change in strategy and leadership at the Pentagon, Jarvis has turned to the Party where his convictions most closely fit, and he will bring the same ability, appeal, and energy to cultivating the public trust for Republicans in a currently cool political environment.

While many in the Republican Party adopt a “return to the fundamentals” approach, Dave believes more pragmatism is both what the public demands and what they need. “Regaining trust from our current electorate will require intellectual independence” Jarvis said Monday morning from his home in Hooksett, “and the conviction that no ideological barriers should impede our defense of the greatest principle we can abide by, people. Today the American people are nervous, frustrated, are losing their homes and jobs, and are plagued with fear. This is the time to think outside the box.”

“We face substantial burdens in the coming years,” Jarvis continued “Inflation is creating real pain at the gas pumps, the grocery stores, and in the job market. Asian inflation is a looming disaster and threatens our current interest rates and the integrity of both our stock market and our bond market. Therefore, American investments face the unthinkable threat of losing their long enjoyed reputation of soundness among international investors. At present our only answer has been to print money, and that is dangerous.”

“Fear is the biggest enemy today, and will continue to be for some time. Finding creative ways to alleviate the fears of consumers, the markets, and of politicians contemplating a dangerous return to protectionism is the most important goal of the next congress, and one that I am committed to today, tomorrow, and next year in Washington.”

The Jarvis campaign has plans to set up a preliminary website in the coming week and will be updating media with that information and also regarding changes in campaign structure, contact, and with more in-depth policy updates.