DSCC - Senator Sununu and President Bush Join Hands To Raise Campaign Cash

Bush to raise$12 million for Senate Republicans who have rubberstamped his agenda

JohnSununu will once again join hands with George Bush to raise campaign cashtonight as the president attends a $12 million fundraiser for the NationalRepublican Senatorial Campaign Committee. Sununu has voted to supportBush’s agenda 90% of the time, and tonight he gets his reward as thepresident raises money for the campaign committee that works to electRepublican Senators.

“ Twelvemillion dollars is a lot to pay for a rubber stamp, but Bush has gotten hismoney’s worth with John Sununu, ” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller asked. “ Butall the campaign cash in the world won’t fool Granite Staters into buyingSununu’s election year makeover. Sununu’s record ofsupporting Bush 90% of the time may bring him millions in special interestcontributions, but it will be rejected by voters in November. ”

Thefundraiser, dubbed the President’s Dinner, comes on the heels of a newWashington Post-ABC News poll showing that Bush’s approval rating hassunk to an all-time low of 29%.

BushSaid it Would be In His Interest to Send Sununu to the Senate While Sununu SaidHe Would be “ Proud ” to Stand With Bush. ” At the sameevent, Sununu said, “ On the issuesthat matter to New Hampshire and on the issues that matter to our country, oneconomic security and national security and homeland defense, I will be proudto stand with this president. ” [ConcordMonitor, 10/6/02]

Sununu:“Proud” to Call Bush “My President.” “ Novak,Hunt & Shields, ” 11/9/02]

SununuSaid Nobody Could Do Better Job Than Bush. Sununu offeredglowing praise for Bush after the President visited the New Hampshire inOctober 2003. Sununu said, “This president has been a leader on trying toget our economy going, and on national security issues, can anyone say he orshe could have done a better job?” [Nashua Telegraph,10/10/03]

SununuPraised Bush’s “Incredible Leadership” That was “Focusedand Stalwart.” “Sununu, a member of the foreign relations committee, praised PresidentBush’s ‘incredible leadership,’ which he described as‘focused and stalwart.’” [Union Leader, 8/7/03]