Manchester Republicans Field Full Slate of Candidates

MANCHESTER - The Manchester Republican Committee has announced that thirty-eight candidates have filed for the city's thirty-five state representative seats, and three Republicans are running to represent the city in the state senate. All six Republican house incumbents have filed for another term, as well as Republican Senator Ted Gatsas.

"These candidates come from all walks of life, from all ages and professions," said MRC Chair Will Infantine, "What they have in common is dedication to basic Republican principles: lower taxes, a balanced budget, limited government, and a commitment to actually representing their constituents in the legislature."

Promising an energetic campaign, Infantine pointed to Democratic mis-steps over the last two years as a reason for the Republican enthusiasm. "They've made so many mistakes that people are eager for a change," said Infantine. "The Democrats campaigned as moderates who support fiscal responsibility, but then they spent us into a $200 million hole - when they bothered to show up at all. People see things like that and they get really fired up. Our overflowing slate of candidates reflects the GOP's energy and excitement."

State Senate

Incumbent Ted Gatas - District 16
Doug Kruse - District 18
Jason Sakellar - District 20

State House of Representatives

District 8

Karl Beisel
Justin Gamache
Sandra Reeves

District 9

Cameron DeJong
Win Hutchinson
Saghir Tahir
Chuck Therrien

District 10

Corrine Cormiea
Kevin McGrath
Muni Savyon

District 11

S. Daniel Mattingly
Leo Pepino
Kathleen Souza

District 12

Norma Champagne
Bob Tarr
David Ridley

District 13

Larry Gagne
Will Infantine
Larraine Lencki

District 14

Roy Shoults, Sr.
Ross Terrio
Kathy Cusson-Cail

District 15

Mike Biundo
Nathaniel Grimes
Steve Vaillancourt

District 16

Gail Barry
Bob Barry
Mark Krochmal
Chris Grover

District 17

Jerry Bergevin
Carlos Gonzalez
Phil Greazzo
Dick Marston
Irene Messier
Keith Murphy
Tammy Simmons
Connie Soucy
Jonathan Teeling