NH GOP: Carol Shea-Porter Silent on Public Financing Flip-Flop

CONCORD –Fergus Cullen, Chairman of the NewHampshire Republican Party, issued the following statement today:

“Barack Obama has broken his promise to New Hampshire voters by becoming the first candidate since Watergate to reject public financing for his presidential campaign. Top Obama supporter Carol Shea-Porter, an advocate for full public financing of federal elections, has been deafening in her silence on this critical issue. Her silence, coupled with her recent flip-flop on taking money from the Democrat party bosses in Washington, is yet another example of Shea-Porter abandoning her convictions for political expediency. The question Shea-Porter needs to answer is whether she will condemn Obama’s decision or, like Obama, become just another politician who is willing to abandon principle for big campaign cash.”


“Shea-Porter does not take PAC contributions and supports public financing of campaigns.” (The Union Leader, 9/4/06)