Seniors Feed NH Invites Key State Leaders to Celebrate $42,000 Raised for NH Food Bank

Seniors Feed NH is a group of seniors who live in 52 long-care and independent living communities from all regions of NewHampshire. They recently joined forces to raise more than $42,000 on behalf of NH Food Bank. Now they look forward to continuing their work by forging collaborative relationships with key state leaders.

A celebration and forum discussion will be held on June 30th from 1-3 at the Holiday Inn in Concord. Key state leaders will likely attend, including DHHS Commissioner Nick Toumpas, Governor John Lynch, Senate President Larson, House Speaker Norelli and LTC Ombudsman Don Rabun.

“These efforts come at a critical time of need, with food and fuel prices climbing”, said Melanie Gosselin, Executive Director at the NH FoodBank.

Simply put, supply is down and demand is up.

  • On the supply side, grocery stores and manufacturers have improved their inventory controls, so 100,000 pounds less is being donated per month.
  • On the demand side, there is a 39% increase due to the shocking price of fuel and the sharp rise in food costs.

The 350+ food pantries that the NH Food Bank supplies state-wide aren’t just a safety net for those at poverty levels anymore. More & more neighbors that would traditionally be considered middle-class are being forced to choose between putting gas in the car or food on the table.

Summer is an especially devastating time for children that survive on breakfast and lunch programs during the school year. Now that school is out, these children are at-risk.

The NH Food Bank is working on creative solutions to provide healthy food to those in need and address the root causes of hunger. The ‘Recipe for Success’ program includes a licensed commercial kitchen for culinary training, nutrition education classes, and the fresh rescue and distribution of meat for protein-rich meals. The Food Bank has also established a production garden, in partnership with the Youth Development Center. The ‘Backpack Program’ allows children to bring home nutritious food in the context of a fun, interactive activity on weekends & during school vacations.