Bradley For Congress - Kerry Healey Endorses Jeb Bradley


Kerry Healey Gives Support to Bradley in his 1st District NH Race

Wolfeboro, NH –Former Massachusetts Lt. Governor Kerry Healey has endorsed Jeb Bradley in his race for the Republican nomination in the 1st Congressional District of New Hampshire. 

“Our economy is struggling, gas prices have gone through the roof and our troops have not received the funding they need either abroad or when they return home. And what has this Congress under Democratic control done about it? Absolutely nothing. What we need are people in Washington who represent our interests.  Who will put the partisan games away, stop searching for headline making legislation and instead come up with real solutions to the problems we face. Jeb Bradley has done it in the past and will do it again.  He is right for New Hampshire and for our country. I may not get to vote for him, but I certainly support himwhole heartedly,” said Healey.

Healey recently hosted a reception for Bradley and received enormous support from neighbors-to-the-south who are being directly affected by the actions, not just of their own representatives, but also of those over the border to the north.

“I am honored to have the support of Kerry Healey.  She is someone who has fought for the people in her homestate of Massachusetts and truly represents the kind of leadership our party and our region needs,” Bradley said. “I look forward to working with Kerry to keeping our region economically viable through low taxes and spending.”