DNC - McCain Myth Buster: John McCain and Psychology

Washington, DC--John McCain is in California today trying to sell his off-shore drilling idea by claiming it would have a "psychological impact that I think is beneficial."  But the reality is Senator McCain doesn't understand the American people, who want a plan for dealing with the energy crisis, not just a psychological trick.  With skyrocketing gas prices that have become unmanageable, Americans want a president with a real plan to solve our energy needs.  But Senator McCain himself has admitted that the off-shore drilling plan--a Washington gimmick--wouldn't give us "immediate relief" at all.  Even the American Petroleum Institute, an oil industry trade group, agrees, saying that Americans wouldn't see more oil under McCain's plan for seven to ten years. [MSNBC, 6/24/08; McClatchy, 6/17/08]

John McCain's off-shore drilling announcement last week might have gotten him some headlines, but it did nothing to counter the idea that Senator McCain has failed to present a plan to deal with the challenges facing our country, including the energy crisis.

McCain Says His Energy Plan Would Only Have A "Psychological Impact" On Americans. "In the short term I'd like to give you a little relief for the summer on the gas tax,' McCain began, referring to his controversial proposal to temporarily suspend the federal tax on gasoline. But then he made a surprisingly candid admission: 'I don't see an immediate relief, but I do see that exploitation of existing reserves that may exist -- and in view of many experts that do exist off our coasts -- is also a way that we need to provide relief. Even though it may take some years, the fact that we are exploiting those reserves would have psychological impact that I think is beneficial.'" [MSNBC, 6/24/08]