NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter: No Friend of Workers' Rights

New Hampshire Rep. Claims to Support Workers’ Rights, But Answers to Union Bosses

Washington- Freshman Rep. Carol Shea Porter (NH-01) would like to have the voters believe her claims that she is on the side of American workers. But when she was spotted at an event in New Hampshire earlier this week, Shea-Porter tried to dodge questions about why she voted to strip a union worker’s right to a secret ballot.  But unfortunately for her, Shea-Porter can’t run from her record:  Click here to view the video:

Despite her rhetoric on the campaign trail, in Washington, Carol Shea-Porter has repeatedly sided with union bosses and voted against workers’ rights.  During her short tenure in Congress, Shea-Porter has racked up an anti-worker record in Congress and the votes don’t lie:

•    Carol Shea-Porter sided with supposedly pro-labor Democrats and voted to strip away a worker’s democratic right to a secret ballot (House Roll Call 118).
•    Carol Shea-Porter voted against a motion to restore $2 million to the federal office responsible for investigating union corruption (House Roll Call 642).
•    Carol Shea-Porter voted against requiring proof of citizenship to join a union, opening the door for illegal immigrants to join (House Roll Call 117).

Carol Shea-Porter has proven herself to be a loyal servant to union bosses, which comes as no surprise. After taking special interest money to the tune of $104,000 from big labor bosses, Shea-Porter seems more than happy to pay back every dollar with votes that hurt American workers.

The Washington Post agrees that the secret union ballot is one of the most basic and necessary rights for American workers:
“Employees who are skeptical of or opposed to bringing a union into the workplace deserve the protections of a secret-ballot election rather than having to face pressures from colleagues pushing them to sign unionization cards.” (Washington Post, 3/12/07)
Unfortunately, Carol Shea-Porter doesn’t seem to see eye-to-eye with New Hampshire voters about what it means to protect workers’ rights.

“For Carol Shea-Porter to tell New Hampshire voters that she supports workers’ rights after voting to strip them away at the behest of her labor boss friends is laughable,” said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain. “Shea-Porter can’t run from her record of betraying the rights of individual workers, particularly when it comes to taking away their right to a private ballot.”

Carol Shea-Porter can make as many flowery claims as she wants, but it’s time for her to own up to her record of paying back big union bosses and neglecting the workers of New Hampshire.