Bosse For Congress - Bosse Unveils Comprehensive Health Care Plan

*Gives patients and doctors more power; boosts choices for veterans*

(Lebanon) Republican Grant Bosse today unveiled a comprehensive Health Care Plan that would increase the power of doctors and patients to make health care decisions, make health insurance more affordable, and increase health care choices for America’s veterans.

"America has the best health care in the world, but we’ve designed a health insurance system that makes it too difficult and too expensive for everyone to use,” Bosse said. “By reducing mandates, increasing choice, and giving our veterans more control over their health care benefits, we can bring down the cost of health care and improve medical results.”

The Bosse Health Care Plan contained ten recommendations to lower the amount of Congressional interference in the health care marketplace, lower health insurance premiums, and improve the standard of care for America’s veterans:

· Provide full deductibility for health insurance premiums.

· Focus Veterans Administration resources on service-related care.

· Give veterans access to private hospitals for general health care needs.

· Expand use of Health Savings Accounts.

· Allow Small Business Health Plans.

· Allow Interstate Insurance Choice.

· Reform Medicare to allow consumer choice.

· End Defensive Medicine by capping non-economic malpractice awards.

· Increase flexibility for Community Health Centers.

· Support Medical Information Technology.

Bosse unveiled the plan before a tour of David’s House in Lebanon, a home away from home for children receiving care at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. For more information on Bosse’s Health Care Plan, log onto