Clegg For Congress - NH State Troopers Endorse Clegg For Congress

Concord, NH –Senator Bob Clegg, 2nd District Republican Candidate for US Congress, today was endorsed by the New Hampshire Troopers Association. The organization represents all non-commissioned men and women of the State Police, in ensuring the safest and most effective work environment for some of New Hampshire’s bravest.

"Bob knows that government needs to prioritize and he has always made public safety a priority as a Member of the House, of the Senate and also as a member of our New Hampshire community,” said Lou Copponi, President of the NH Troopers Association. “A lot of people talk about their support of Law Enforcement; few put their actions behind their words, as Senator Clegg always has. This is why the New Hampshire Troopers Association is proud to endorse him as the best person for the job of US Congressman in the 2nd District.”

“It is an honor and a privilege to receive the support from the men and women who spend every day in harm’s way for the safety of the state and its citizens,” said Clegg. “I have always been in awe of those who run toward danger to save a life and an avid supporter of those choosing public service as a career. Law enforcement is a difficult line of work and the dedication of these men and women serves as a great example of what this country is all about.”

“While in the legislature Bob worked hard to help secure death benefits for fallen police and fire fighters in New Hampshire. He has also been very involved in funding for necessary K9 units across the state, replacing dangerous outdated motorcycles and support for new ideas from the rank and file , such as a new trooper barracks which is expected to save thousands of dollars in gas alone.

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