DNC - Horsford, Reid, & Sklar Discuss Impact of Candidates' Energy Plans on Nevada

WASHINGTON- On a conference call today, Nevada State Sen. Steven Horsford, Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid, and Scott Sklar, Chair of the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Energy Coalition, discussed the difference between the candidates' energy plans, and what each would mean for Nevada.
As they made clear, John McCain's plan for Nevada would mean fewer jobs and more waste, while Senator Obama's plan would mean massive investments in alternatives and renewable energy that not only will secure our energy independence but create thousands of jobs for Nevada.
The audio of the conference call is available at the link below:


The following are highlights from the conference call:
State Senator Steven Horsford
"As many of you know, John McCain has been going around the country campaigning to put our nation on a course to build 45 new nuclear reactors by 2030. And given his voting history on the nuclear waste dump here in Nevada referred to as Yucca mountain, we know what he wants to do with the dangerous nuclear waste that will be created from these 45 new nuclear reactors and we know where that waste will end up, and we do not want that to be here in Nevada..."
"Based on Senator McCain's voting record, and the fact that his plan means less jobs and more waste, we think that that is a bad idea for Nevada and that Nevadans should reject his plan."
Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid (2:20)
"I think it's been instructive for Americans to see the comparison between the plan that Senator McCain has put forth and Senator Obama's vision on this important issue. And they've both been here in Nevada within the last 24 hours, and it's been good for Nevadans, because while Senator McCain believes that Nevada is a wasteland, Senator Obama has a plan that will develop the tremendous potential we have here for alternative energy sources..."
"We understand that Nevada is a very unique place. We have more sunshine than we know what to do with. We have geothermal, biomass, tremendous wind resources, so it has been said that Nevada...has the potential to be the Saudi Arabia for renewable resources, because of everything I just described. Senator Obama reconizes that and while Senator McCain wants to bury the most toxic substance known to man in our state, Senator Obama wants to spend billions of dollars to invest in new technologies that will create 5 million new jobs across the country."
Scott Sklar, Chair of the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Energy Coalition (5:25)
"I'm a strong advocate for Senator Obama because he supports the development of the portfolio of renewable energy resources and energy efficiency that this country has, that can be used in any state..."
"Senator McCain has supported incentives for nuclear power, has been the advocate for nuclear loan guarantees in the enegy bill, has supported and announced he supports drilling offshore and incentives for the oil industry, and yet he absolutely does not support extensions of the production tax credits for wind and biomass and the investment tax credits for solar, small wind, fuel cells, and the water energy technologies and ground couple heat pumps. We are stunned because the lack of congressional action for extension of these credits would cost in the short term close to 150,000 U.S. jobs and stop some of the largest projects, utility scale projects, that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions in wind, solar, and geothermal predominantly."