DNC - McCain Myth Buster: John McCain and Energy

Washington, DC--John McCain says that "energy security is the great national challenge of our time" and claims he has a responsible energy plan to create jobs and decrease waste. But like his poll-driven gimmick to drill for offshore oil and pretend it will have any effect on gas prices today, Mr. McCain's claims to support the core energy priorities of Nevada will ring as hollow as the caverns in Yucca Mountain. [johnmccain.com, accessed 6/24/08]

McCain actually supports using Yucca Mountain as a national dump site for nuclear and radioactive waste and wants to create 45 new nuclear power plants that would produce more nuclear waste. On top of this, McCain has a history of opposing incentives for renewable energy and green jobs.

With less than a third of Americans believing John McCain has a "clear plan for solving the country's problems" and over three-quarters of Nevadans opposing Yucca Mountain, John McCain's energy plans aren't helping him with voters. [USA Today, 6/23/08; AP, 11/27/07]

McCain Has Consistently Voted to Approve Yucca Mountain As A Nuclear Waste Dump Site. In 2002, John McCain voted to approve a site at Yucca Mountain as a repository for nuclear and radioactive waste. After the vote, McCain said that storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain would answer "one of the most important environmental, health and public safety issues for the American people." In 2000, McCain voted to override the presidential veto of legislation that would establish a permanent nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. In 1997, McCain similarly voted to establish a repository at the Mountain. McCain voted yes on a similar bill in 1996. [2002 Senate Vote #167, 7/9/2002; The Arizona Republic, 7/10/2002; 2000 Senate Vote #88, 5/2/2000; 1998 Senate Vote #148, 6/2/1998; 1997 Senate Vote #42, 4/15/1997; 1996 Senate Vote #259, 7/31/1996; 1996 Senate Vote #256, 7/31/1996]

McCain: "I Am For Yucca Mountain." The Las Vegas Sun reported that in 2007 McCain told the Deseret News, "I am for Yucca Mountain. I'm for storage facilities. It's a lot better than sitting outside power plants all over America." [Las Vegas Sun, 5/28/08]

McCain Promised To Build 45 New Nuclear Reactors By 2030. At a campaign event in Missouri, McCain championed nuclear power as pivotal to reducing our dependence on foreign oil. McCain said, "So, if I am elected president, I will set this nation on a course to building 45 new reactors by the year 2030, with the ultimate goal of 100 new plants to power the homes and factories and cities of America." [Speech, johnmccain.com, 6/18/08]

McCain Says He Would Veto The Farm Bill -- $300 Million in Renewable Biofuels Funding. The farm bill "provides $300 million in mandatory funding for payments to support production of advanced biofuels including cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel." There is also "$250 million in grants and loan guarantees for renewable energy and energy efficiency systems for agriculture and rural small businesses." [McCain Prepared Remarks, 5/19/08; Reuters, 5/15/2008]

McCain Opposed $290 Million For R&D On Renewable Energy, Including Wind Power. McCain voted against an amendment to extend the renewable energy production tax credit and clean renewable energy bonds programs for four years including $290 Million for renewable energy R&D on Solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, hydropower. [2006 Senate Vote #42, 3/14/2006]

McCain Cast Deciding Vote to Cut Funding For the Rural Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program From $23 Million To $3 Million. McCain voted to cut $20 million from rural renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. [2005 Senate Vote #363, 12/21/2005]