NRCC - Tax Increase Called “Mistake” By Fellow Dem

Shea-Porter Supports Tax Increases over Cutting Wasteful Washington Spending

Washington- Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) fulfilled her role as part of Washington’s tax-and-spend society today when she loyally sided with her Democrat leaders in passing an AMT “patch.” The bill was chocked full of tax increases, including $13.5 billion in tax increases that would stifle American efforts to produce domestic energy, while exempting Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez from these same tax increases (House Roll Call 455) .

Unable to find a single spending cut in the interest of sparing Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars, Shea-Porter voted to kill the amendment which would have eliminated these burdensome tax hikes from the AMT “patch” (House Roll Call 454) .

“ Carol Shea-Porter has once again failed her constituents in New Hampshire by voting for tax increases that only weaken our economy by reaching into her constituents’ wallets,” said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain. “Taxpayers in New Hampshire deserve a representative who will be a good steward of their money instead of throwing it away on wasteful Washington spending.”

Just as the House voted on the AMT bill, fellow Democrat Rep. Jim Cooper said that it was a “mistake” to pass the bill with these tax increases, stating that because the Democrats couldn’t find a single spending cut, this bill would “punish” the wrong people:

“The first choice should always be spending cuts. Now, if anybody thinks that there is no program in government that couldn’t be cut, I think they are mistaken. But, we’re not very good at finding those cuts. Because, the way that the system works here in Washington is that you only get rewarded for adding spending, because whoever benefits from that individual program that should be cut, they’ll scream like crazy and complain.” (CSPAN, 6/25/08)




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