Horn For Congress - Horn Applauds Supreme Court Decision on DC HAND Gun Ban

NASHUA – In a 5-4 opinion, the Supreme Court struck down the DC hand gun ban. Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for Congress, applauded the Supreme Court for their decision. 

“The Supreme Court got it right today.  The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental American right,” stated Horn.  “The Second Amendment guarantees that an Individual has the right to own a gun and I applaud the Supreme Court for ruling in favor of gun owners. 

Horn continued:  “Hopefully this decision will show the activist judges and liberal organizations that when the founding fathers wrote that ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed’ they actually meant it.  As a member of Congress, I pledge to the voters of New Hampshire that I will never vote to place restrictions on the 2nd Amendment and will always fight to preserve this right.