McCain Nat'l. Co-Chair Tom Ridge on "The Global Wire"

As reported in NBC’s “FirstRead,” the latest episode of "TheGlobal Wire" features former Secretary of Homeland Security and former Pennsylvania Governor TomRidge , who also serves as National Co-Chair of the McCain campaign. Governor Ridge predicts the "smartpower" issue will resonate with key independent and swing voters that could determine who the next president will be. "It would lend itself to a group of undecided voters," Ridge said, "I think it's a pretty appealing message to both sides of the aisle and to independents."

Ridge also discussed the greatestthreat to the United States today, how to deal with Iran, and how we can welcome foreignvisitors while protecting the homeland. Plug into "The GlobalWire" at www.theglobalwire.orgor and watch the full interview. Next time on "The Global Wire," Frank Sesno interviews U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Donahue for the business perspective on the global challenges and opportunities facing the next president.